Coding Injuries Tips

When coding Injuries, it is vital to remember a few rules and details about this particular section in the ICD-10-CM.

Note the following:

  1. Initial (first visits for the issue) visits generally require 4 secondary codes from Chapter 20.
  2. External cause codes use 7 characters.
    • initial encounter (first time seen-with the letter A)
    • subsequent encounter (anytime after the first encounter-being seen for same issue)
    • Sequelae (late effect-a result of the injury or issue that has occurred later on with the letter S)


Lets say, “a patient obtained a burn from hot tap water at a daycare center while doing arts and handcrafts with the children.”  This individual is being seen for the very first time.  In this situation, you would code the following:

The contact with the hot tap water isX11.XXXA

The external place of occurrence of the initial burnY92.210

The external initial activity code for an activity involving arts and handcrafts = Y93.D9

The initial external cause status  code for a status  involving a student activity Y99.8

  ~It is important that you notate the above for an example to follow~



Coding Injuries


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